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Number 666 then.... a chandelier in pieces...

The spooky man starting it all. Don't we just love to hear his "SOLD!"?

He is dressed in a formal Edwardian suit, with black trousers, a waistcoat and a long jacket with lapels of watery silk. In many social levels the black bowtie with black waistcoat was a sign of him being of the working class or signaling it was daywear and not a formal evening outfit - don't know if this is what's intended here. He furthermore wears a high tophat. Because of the black/white setting of the auction scene, and also the strong light they put on him, his makeup is heavy, and slightly inspired by a death's skull. All to give this spooky, wonderful feeling which leads to the blast of the Overture.

Hal Prince's vision for the Auction scene is that it should be like a faint memory. The characters we see might not actually be there, they might be long gone, existing only as a part of old Raoul's memories. The Auctioneer's skull like makeup and the slow movements of the scene - as well as the black and white setting - underlines this.

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