Some people still debate on whether Madame Giry present at the auction is Madame Giry herself, or her daughter Meg Giry. Some think the original Madame would be long gone, and that Meg maybe never married by due to age would be referred to as Madame. I don't consider Madame Giry all that old when the main story takes place, and have no issue with seeing her as an aged woman showing up at the auction. Also, if going by Leroux, Meg Giry DID marry. She even acclaimed the title Baroness de Castelot-Barbezac. Whatever the case, the elder madame Giry at the auction is played by the woman playing Madame Giry in the main story.

Like the other actors in the Auction, Madame Giry wears a wide overgarment over her regular costume. I.E, she wears her black dress underneath, and a black coat over it. Her coat is a wide Poiret-styled coat, without the emphasis on the waist as seen in Victorian and Edwardian style. The coat is draped, in a patterned black fabric, and has a large fur collar. Some production use a fashionable, bushy money fur, others use a more subtle, short-piled fur. She also has a large fur wrapped around one sleeve, I can't tell if it's a muff or fur attached to the coat. On her head she wears a black rounded hat with brim and veil, and with feather and/or fur decoration. Many also wear black leather gloves.

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