"Past the point of no return....."

Note: the pictures on top of this website is not the costume design by Maria Bjørnson. The first is one of many drawings Robert Heindel did during the first rehearsals in London. The first sketch in the design, however, is Bjørnson's design for the disguised Phantom. It suggests the Phantom should wear the red costume of Don Juan underneath, and also one echoing the costume of Red Death from when he presented the "Don Juan Triumphant" score. But this idea was skipped, probably because of too little time to change before the Final Lair, possibly also because the costume was too bulky under the robe.

What is interesting is that the design and the original West End costume revealing more of the Phantom's face compared to the costumes today. This has lead me to believe that Maria Bjørnson once again was inspired by Rudolph Valentino (top right) when she created the Phantom's look and costumes. Minus the cigarette, of course...

The Phantom wears this costume after killing Piangi and taking his place as Don Juan. The costume is made up of several meters of a black, patterned and silky brocade fabric. I've seen both paisley, swirls, dots and "psycedelic" patterns being used. The sleeves often have an elastic band at the wrist, while the top of the cloak is gathered at a panel around the shoulders. On top, a big hood is added, and it drapes nicely around/over the Phantom's mask and face. The costume is floorlength, and it reveals only his hands - until he is unmasked by Christine.