MEG disguised as BOY

 photo megmaskdesign_zpsaeb53637.png

This is the very last costume the audience see in "Phantom of the Opera" (well, if not counting the applause afterwards). The costume is worn by Meg Giry, when she sneaks down into the Phantom's lair, only to find the lair empty with nothing but his mask left. Meg is disguised as a boy, with kneelenght breeches, a rough greyish shirt and a brocaded waistcoat. She also wear stockings and black shoes. Her hair is covered by a knitted cap, but she takes it off when entering the lair, revealing her long blonde hair.

The costume design suggests burgundy red pants and a golden waistcoat; however the tradition has been an opposite colour scheme. But there are variations. Meg is climbing down the portocullis before entering the lair, and for safety reasons she wears a harness under the breeches. So no, she would not fall to the floor if loosing the grip.

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