"Who was that shape in the shadows? Whos is the face in the mask....?"

Also commonly referred to as "the negligée". The white dressing gown with flounces is possibly the most well-known POTO costume, after the Phantom's white half mask, used in some of the most memorable scenes of the musical, noticeably the mirror scene, the title song and "Music of the Night". It's worn over the slave girl bodice from previous scenes, and almost functions as a corset, but only the golden collar is viewable. The costume design specifies: "Dressing gown. Puts on a view on top of Slave girl Basic. Shoes changed in dressing room scene".

The actual dressing gown consists of a bodice and a skirt, sewn together. The bodice is fitted, and wraps around the torso like a kimono, one side overlapping the other. The skirt appears narrow, but has a lot of width in the back, and a distinct train. Ruffles with lace adorns the neck opening and usually also the skirt and train. The sleeves are elbow length, with lace engageants being longer in the back than in front. These engageants are often two-layered. The bodice has a belt, which is often pointed or curved in back and/or front and hence functions as a "Swiss belt" corset. Often there is an alternative closing method in the waist - hooks and eyes, velcro, snap buttons, so the actual belt isn't tied to hold it together. This depends on the production.

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