"Look at your face in the mirror......"

This is the appearance Christine sees when she looks into the mirror and sees the mysterious angel reflected there. It's also our first actual view of the Phantom, though we've heard his voice already.

He wears a black tail suit made of a diamond weave silk. This silk is identical in all Phantom suits all over the world, and is manufactured in the United Kingdom. It has smooth silk lapels, and many European versions also has black velvet or silk cuffs.

The cloak is made out of black wool with a greyish black lining (not sure what material, but a silky one). The collar is nicely decorated with antique jet beading, in the shape of ornamental appliqués, and this decoration continues down the back of the cloak. Sometimes the beading is covered with a fine netting, both to protect it and to prevent stuff to be caught in in. Some cloaks are closed in front, but most have ribbons going under the arms, being fastened in the back. This is much more comfortable, as it will not stair the wearer's neck as front closed ones can do. Many Phantoms drapes the front hem over their arms, so it forms "wings". It also ease the movements.

On top he wears the quintessential fedora.

As many has pointed out before, the mask is drawn on the "wrong" (left) side of the Phantom's face in the costume sketches. It is not because the sketch is mirrored - the reason is this: Maria Bjørnson designed the mask for the left side of the face. But original Phantom Michael Crawford had throught a lot about the blocking on stage, and in several key scenes he had gotten so far in the process he knew exactly how he wanted it. And that blocking called for the mask on the right side of the face. And that's how the finished result looked - and still looks.