"Once more to the sweetest of charms my heart and soul surrender..."

A costume inspired by soldiers of North African desert soldiers and the Roman empire. The ground layers consists of a heavy trimmed green tunic with tassels on the sleeves. There's also a sort of skirt, with elements of leopard or tiger fur, and with golden X shaped ribbons trimmed with "jewels". One or two tabs hangs down in front, similar to what's seen in the costumes of Elissa and the princesses. The Piangi actor wears a fat suit underneath, giving him a solid stomach. The stomach is further emphasized by the round, embellished "metal" armour held up by black straps. In some versions the roundel has a lion head, in others there's big jewels or embossed gold.

Paingi also wears a golden helmet with parrot feathers, and sandals with X shaped straps. He has leather wristbands with metal details. There's also a grand cloak/train showing different stripes and patterns, adorned with tassels and gold. The whole costume has key colours in red and green, and with golden and black details.