Messieurs, believe me - I intend no ill... But Messieurs, be careful! We have seen him kill!"

"Classe de Dance", 1881, Paul Renouard (Baltimore Museum of Art)

The mysterious woman in black - Madame Giry. She is the ballet mistress of the Opera house, and also the mother of ballet dancer Meg Giry. She is one of the few not changing costume throughout the show, though garbs are added to her black dress in the Auction scene and in "Masquerade".

Her main outfit is without any grand details and adds an ageless feeling to the character. It also reveals very little skin. The dress is often made of a watery and/or ottoman silk, which adds texture to the black outfit. The skirt is usually plain in front, but pleated at the sides and in the back, with a modest bustle shape. The bodice has buttons in front, but an alternative closing patent (hooks and eyes, or a zipper) is usually hidden underneath.

The small details of her outfit often includes:
A chatelaine hanging from the bodice, with various items attached - a watch, scissors, pin holders, keys etc.
Pleats and/or trims at the skirt hem, and a small train.
And of course there's the cane....

Madame Giry is present in the Auction scene, sitting to the right, bidding on the musical box. A Poiret-like kimono jacket trimmed with fur is hiding her regular black dress, and she wears a hat with a black veil and feather decorations. She also wears black gloves, and holds an auction paddle in her hand. The paddle usually carries the number 27.

In the grand Masquerade number, she wears an elaborate beaded cape on top of her black dress, and she also wears a feather decorated head gear placed behind her braid. Some productions adds black gloves, but it's not a consistent feature. The costume is also seen in the scene after "Masquerade", when Raoul insists on her telling what she knows about the Phantom. The cape also appears in "Notes" in early London and Broadway pictures - it seems she was intended to originally wear it in that scene too? That idea was soon abandoned anyway, and nowadays she only wears it in Masquerade and in the following "Backstage" scene with Raoul.