These things happens!

André wears a black tailcoat, and overneath he has a knee-long coat with Brandenburger (frog) closing in front, and with a fluffy fur collar. He is also depicted with a tall top hat, which he usually carries in his hand along with a cane on stage. He also wears black gloves. Although not in the costume design, a long scarf is often added.

Firmin wears a dark tailcoat, and overneath he has a leg long doublebreasted cheque coat. He also wears tan gloves and a top hat. As for André, Firmin often wears a long scarf on stage (either black or white), although this is not included in the costume design.

The design sketch of the managers shows trace of corrections around Firmin's head and at the chest of André. It also names the original actors; Firth to the left, Savident to the right.