photo slave_angel2_zps0c2502fe.jpg  photo slavedesignboobies_zps786e99fb.jpg

This costume is used by the ballet girls in the beginning of first act, and it's the only time we see Christine in identical costume to the corps de ballet. The bodice consists of 10-12 alternating red and green velvet panels, heavily decorated with gold over the seams and in collar and belt. The rope skirts are made from a soft rope which will not damage the girls' knees as they dance - the Aussie versions are said to use chenille, while the US versions use slashed velvet. The European versions use soft ropes. The skirt is attached to a belt made with a black base and with different golden details on top. In European versions Christine's belt is merely attached with snap buttons, so it can be removed when the big Elissa skirt is added in "Think of Me". In the US only the rows of beads are removable from the belt, so the actual rope skirt is sewn to the bodice and kept on under the dressing gown.

Though the different sketches might seem rather different over the bust, they are in fact quite similar. Some appears to have a more V shaped collar, others have a more suggestive breast shaped collar. But if you look closely at them, they're all intended to be rows of pearls going out from a red centre, continuing over the bust and to the shoulders and over the arms. The same can be seen in the costume sketch for the dressing gown, and for a Hannibal bodice with tutu overneath (an idea which was never used on stage). The tutu one is less suggestive than the one to the right overneath, but not as V shaped as the one to the left either. So I assume the costume is intended to be more or less the same with different cup size rather than having differently shaped collars.

Unlike how all stage costumes are made, I think the original idea of the belt is a tad different. I wonder if the designer intended rows of pearls to form the belt, and then let them end in this "waterfall" in front of the skirt - slightly reminding of how the rows of pearls used in the collar continues to the shoulders. I also think parts of the skirt decorations in the front are supposed to illude strips of fabrics with knots - look closely a the golden rows, and you'll see what I mean. As it is now, most costumes have golden appliqués as belt decorations, and separate rows of pearls in the front of the skirt, and with plain golden rows.

 photo slavegirl_angel_design1986_zps469600c6.jpg  photo slavegirl_angel_bway2013a_zps778ede80.jpg  photo slavegirl_angel_bway_lizwelch_zps72313616.jpg  photo slavegirl_angel_bway2013_sarahbakker_zps37b0dc60.jpeg  photo slavegirl_angel_ustour_elizabethwelch_zps3e746fcb.png  photo slavegirl_angel_ustour1992_dodiepettit_zpsbc604e66.jpg  photo slavegirl_angel_vegas_kristenherzenberg_zps7ee57bb6.jpg  photo slavegirl_angel_bway2013_sierraboggess_zpse6baf38c.jpg
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 photo slavegirl_V_design1986_zpsf937aee8.jpg  photo slavegirl_V_wtour_sarahbakker_zps8bc3b5f3.png  photo slavegirl_V_worldtourdaegu_emilielynn_zpsdfdfdf80.jpg  photo slavegirl_V_worldtouraussie_juliegoodwin_zps116042a1.png  photo slavegirl_V_worldtourmanila_clairelyon_zps3fdea8aa.jpg  photo slavegirl_V_worldtour_anamarina_zps1c1b089a.jpg  photo slavegirl_V_westend1986_sarahb_zps97e9b318.jpg  photo slavegirl_V_bway1991_dodiepettit_zpsa4480888.jpg  photo slavegirl_V_vegas_jordanashleyfrederick_zps3543571c.jpg
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A French fancy dress sketch from the early 20th century - "The sorcerer". Although she wears a full skirt, the stripes along with the arrangement of the "belt" reminds of the slavegirl costumes. Ditto for the "breasted" bodice and the upper arm rings. Her long scarf also reminds of the Bjørnson sketches.

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