"The trumpets of Carthage resounds - hear Romans now and tremble!"

Comments on the design:

4 men holding litter Hannibal
Street trousers + shoes
The fourth person, to the left, is crossed out and has the comment cut.

The soldiers in Hannibal show signs of the mock opera still being in dress rehearsal. Only one wears a complete stage costume, the others wears a combo of civil clothes and stage costume. One wears a civil suit with stage cloak and headdress, the other wears a complete costume with dress trousers under.

In the 1890s German tenor Albert Niemann was photographed in his "Tristan" costume (photo 2). This photo is the basis for the third soldier in Maria Bjørnson's costume design for the soldiers. The armoured belt, side drape with triangles, the brooch and chains in front chest and the way he's holding is sword is a direct copy, and it also looks like Niemann's face was copied and pasted into the design sketch. But he's given more beard and a different headdress, and the costume has become more elaborate and colourful. Maria Bjørnson probably saw the photo in the book "The Great Opera Singers In Historic Photographs", which is one of the books she used as inspiration when designing the costumes for "Phantom of the Opera".

 photo soldiersdesign_civil_zps23395d42.jpg  photo soldier_albertniemann_tristan_1895_zps750bfcd4.jpg  photo soldiercivil_usa_jamesromicksoldier_zps1876f96f.jpg  photo soldiercivil_westend87_zps02217bfc.png  photo soldiercivil_lasvegas2006_zps4ba43e2a.jpg  photo soldiercivil_lasvegas_marccendricsmith_jasonforbach_zps5f571c62.jpg  photo soldier_japan_1992_zpsc6acbadd.jpg
 photo soldiersdesign_uniform_zpsb003ccaa.jpg  photo soldier_rah_nadimnamaan_zpsc06be218.jpg  photo soldier_usa_jamesromick2_zps00a23667.jpg  photo soldier_rah_unknowns_zps85715ef9.png  photo soldier_lasvegas_scottwatanabe_zpsd6f4e2bb.jpg  photo soldier_lasvegas_jacobmoody_zpse8bb85e1.jpg  photo soldier_rah_richardmunday_zps7180a4c3.jpg  photo soldier_rah_matthewgent_zps32ef8cfc.jpg
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