The wild woman is several characters, just as the Hannibal "princess" is. There are two main versions of the costume; a flesh shaded narrow one, and a red/green/fur coloured bigger one. The basic costume is hard to describe... Layers of fabric, sometimes only fragments, forms a sort of dress. Animal skins, patterned fabrics and "torn" edges are key words. The dress is often held together by a fabric belt. Overneath there's a sort of mantel or cloak being draped from the right shoulder to the left arm (in the design) or just hanging off-center from left to right (on stage).

There are lots of "metal" details - maybe a brass bra, arm rings, a large tiara and jewellery. She also wears a fluffy, wild wig. This costume reflects very well the Victorian view of pagan people and their "crazy" ways.

The "Wild Woman" is often, but far from always, played by a Carlotta understudy.