This costume is used by one of the female dancers. It's supposed to illude a flower, and the main colours are green and red, with a dash of white and black. Leaves of fabric are decorating the neck lining, while the skirt illudes the actual flower with red and white petals over a graded tutu with pompons. Most skirts are built up by various layers of tulle and/or netting, with other fabrics draped on top. The corseted bodice is green with black, vertical stripes, and has leaves along the neckline. This is also repeated at the bottom of the bodice. The outfit also includes dotty tights, a flower hat, a black half mask, red ballet shoes with lacing, plus long red gloves.

The costume design specifies: "Flower. Graded tutu + pompons. (Gloves?) reembroidered with black. (Tights) printed + appliqué bow..