This costume is worn by one of the ballerinas. It consists of a blouse with either a small corseted bodice or a waistcoat overneath. The blouse is often pale with various coin and ribbon decorations, though there are multicoloured, patterned versions as well. The knee long skirt is usually two layered; one solid underlayer with harlequin squares and golden fringes at the hem, and decorated tabs on top. But some versions also have one draped layer, with a fringed hem.

She also wears stockings, red heeled shoes with lacing up the ankles, a mask in front of the eyes, and a long "hooded" headgarb over a curly wig. In some versions, the dancer wears a full flesh-coloured and glittering body suit under the dress, instead of stockings. Costume design specifies: (Mask of) green velvet, gold braid around the eyes, coins on edge. (On cap) band appliqué, gold tassel (on the end).