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This charming costume is worn by one of the female dancers in Masquerade. The colours echoes the fantastic colours seen in the wings of insects and butterflys. The skirt is usually made of various shades of tulle in the base, with "half moon" shapes on top. The shape and colours of the top skirt is echoed in the scalloped wings.

The bodice has tabs flowing out over the skirt, and the front bodice has a dragonfly like motif. The shoulder have similar scallops as the bodice bottom, and hangs loose over the shoulders. But the most prominent feature of this costume is the wonderfully shaped wings. Made of thin, flowing materials, they are attached to the back and to the hands, making it look like the dancer is floating when moving. The dancer also wears green/pink tights with ombre effect and black dots or hearts at the sides, a purple/green/black headgear in the shape of an insect head, a black halfmask, either bloack or ombre gloves, and high heeled green shoes.

Butterflies, dragonflies and other pleasing winged creatures were popular for Victorian and Edwardian fancy dress costumes. One version can be seen in a French fancy dress costume from the early 20th century, the Papillon. That one depicts a butterfly, and has similar dragonfly decorations over the bust, as well as "wings" draped to the arms. But the main inspiration is a butterfly costume designed by renowned theatrical designer Charles William "Wilhelm" Pitcher (1858-1925). A figure from his design for "A Dream of Butterflies and Roses" from 1915 shows a winged figure whose pose and costume is near identical to the butterfly Maria Bjørnson designed for Masquerade. The original was discovered by Comtessedechagny on Tumblr.

The costume design specifies: "Butterfly. Most important Dancer "leads" chorus.

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