The drummer is one of four members of the "Little band" in "Masquerade". He plays the drums, wearing a military inspired uniform. The outfit consists of a blue jacket with red frog closing "a la Hussarde", and with red epaulettes with fringes on the shoulders. The jacket also has black and red cuffs. Underneath he wears baggy, white/cream or metallic trousers with black loop decoration in front, and red guards on the sides. Some trousers are all cream, others stripy, and others patterned.

On the head he wears a high, blue hat with black brim and red decorations. A halfmask is attached to the hat, illuding a face with a defined, black moustache and eyebrows, and red cheeks.

It looks like the design bears the comment more grotesque... It also names this character as TOY SOLDIER + DRUM. Apparently Maria Bjørnson or one of her helpers wanted to improve this costume for Broadway, cause the costume design specifies: All in one mask-helmet-scullcap (helmet smaller than London, please). Papier maché slit up back.