The "Green lady" is a costume with many alternate names. Green Lady stems from her appearance in the costume design, where the costume is predominantely green. In the World Tour she was known and "Green and Gold". On Broadway they've made her purple instead, and she's referred to as "Purple Rain". Last, but not least, some versions are more ambiguous in colour, and some of these are referred to as "Russian Lady". So there's many options.

She wears a tight-fitting, skirted jacket, not too unlike the one Meg wears, but with two major differences: the skirt of the green jacket is cut into panels, and the neck opening/sleeve arrangement is more like that of the ballet girls. The neck opening has an ornamental V shape extending to the shoulders, and this V is decorated with fringes and appliqués. Underneath the jacket she wears black breeches and stockings, and on the head she has a big hat with veil. The colours are kept in green, golden and black nuances. She also wears low, black boots, short gloves and a necklace.

The costume was displayed in Manila in the summer of 2012. The accompanying text said: "Green and gold. This fancy dress costume, worn for the New Year Masquerade Ball at the Opera, is a playful female version of an 18th century men's frockcoat. On stage a domino mask of gold satin and black lace hides the face, and a green and black hat with stiffened net is worn perched on a dark wig. Black lace tights and black boots finish the look."