The Hula girl! The most elusive figure in the whole show, appearing in "Masquerade" only if a swing is on (though the costume is sometimes worn by a regular cast member in German productions). For a long time I though the existance of this costume was merely an urban myth, but suddenly she appeared on stage, three meter away from me, in the West End production. Hah!

This costume is often more glittering and elaborate on stage than in the costume sketch. It also varies whether the wearer keeps her ballet girl wig (as in West End and Spain), or if she wears a straight, blonde one as in the design (as in Germany) - I guess the latter applies for the non-ballet girls wearing this outfit. The costume consists of a flesh coloured bodysuit, often a tad glittering, underneath a natural-coloured "grass" skirt with a broad, patterned waistband. Overneath she wears nothing but two rows of braided flowers, and matching arm decos. She also wears a wreath of flowers on her head, and high-heeled, flower decorated pumps.