"What a crowd!"

Though I like this costume very much, I have never understood what she's supposed to BE... It's like Moulin Rouge combined with a Victorian riding outfit. Or an 80's tunica with tights, if you'd like... Either way, I think it's very funky, and I love that little hat of hers. And of course, Maria Bjørnson succeeded in integrating her signature POTO costume detail: the apron....

The original West End and Broadway versions of this costume used velvet for the jacket, but since then most kind of materials (and patterns) have been used. I assume velvet is a bit hot and heavy to wear during a dance number like "Masquerade", but I think it looks very stylish. Central elements of the costume is a fashionable, tailored "justaucorps" jacket with a small apron in front, and with rich lace decorated cuffs. Meg also wears a stylish top hat with veil and a bow, specified in the costume design as No mask just hat and veil; spot veil, stretch sequin hat. Legs are covered with a pair of black tights with pink dots. And of course there's the semi-high boots; some versions are black and golden, some are black and pink. The pink match the costume well, but I like how the golden ones keeps a golden tone throughout, from boots, to jacket deco, to blonde wig.

In many productions the costume consists of a corseted black bodice with the apron and the "blouse collar" attached. The pink jacket is then buttoned or hooked on this bodice. The bodice has buttons in front, but is often closed with a zipper in the back. The jacket also tend to have frog closing or similar.