A part of the group forming the "Little band" on stage, the Monkey Girl is playing the cymbals - as to echo the monkey playing cymbals on the Music Box. The costume consists of a knee-long furry suit with long sleeves and a furry tail. On the head she wears a brown monkey face with furry details joining the suit and the head gear. The legs are covered by raspberry or red tights with X-shaped black pattern, and she wears black or green dance shoes. She also wears a square, decorated glittering waistband plus a small waistcoat, again echoing the Music Box monkey. Some stage costumes have rows of ponpons or beads attached to the waistband.

The costume design specifies: Monkey as mask headdress ONLY. Different wools mixed together + gold thread, yellow glass eyes. (Green) appliqué ribbons on red tights, rosettes sewn to breeches..