The pirate, or the buccaneer, or even the highway man, is one of the less featured Masquerade costumes. The costume design suggests a red, tailored justaucorps with Brandenburg front (the metal trim would originally protect the wearer in a swordfight). The jacket has green cuffs and large pockets. Underneath there are matching red trousers, and a green waistcoat. He has a pistol on his right side, and a band of cartridges over his shoulder. He also wears a feathery tricorn hat, a powdered wig, a black halfmask, a dark cloak plus kneehigh leather boots. Around the neck he has a white lace deco. The design specifies grotesque, a comment which ocurs on many of the sketches.

However, most stage costumes looks a tad simplified, often making the jacket narrower and without any weapons at hand. And although the design suggests red outfit with green and black details, this also seems to vary a bit. A picture from the US shows him with a parrot on his shoulder,something an addition to the costume design asks for, but not all productions seems to have it. The parrot is usually green. In the costume design it's also written that the actor wearing the ensemble typically will follow the Don Attilio - Pirate - Passarino track. The face is photoshopped in, but I can't tell who it is.


There are several costumes in the Masquerade scene that is rarely seen. Main reason is probably that they're worn by characters standing high up in the staircase. They don't dance on the floor like the main characters and ballet dancers, and are often hidden behind the others. Some of these costumes are also only worn by swings or understudies, and/or they're not featured in all productions.


The only reference I have on this one is that they call her "Schneekoenigin" - the Snow Queen - in Germany. It's not a much featured costume, though she's appeared in both England, Germany, Denmark and Canada. It's often worn by the woman playing the confidante in "Il Muto". The costume consists of a corseted bodice of alternating silver/grey and charcoal/black panels, and a skirt of tabs of the same fabrics. The tabs and the neck opening is trimmed with white fur or feathers. She also wears long, black gloves and a tricorn-like hat trimmed with the same white fur/feathers, and she wears black boots.

As far as I can tell, this costume first showed up in the closing of the Toronto production. The Toronto costumes were since shipped to Mexico, Spain, Brazil and Argentina, and this costume did at least show up in Argentina again. However, I have never seen it appear in other productions, nor have I seen any references to it elsewhere. I wonder if it was an inside joke in the Toronto company. Not sure on this, but there is something mysterious about the elusive Phantom Bacchus...

This figure is only featured for a brief moment, at the top of the staircase when "Masquerade" reach its climax. He wears a black, tall top hat with a clown's head on top. He also wears a dark suit with white shirt under a glittering black cloak with colourful Harlequin pattern on the inside. The ends of the cloak has stiff poles inside, so when he raise his arms he lifts the whole cloak to hide the entrance of Red Death. He disappears the minute Red Death is in place and ready to spook the Masquerade guests.