....no more ghost!

This ornamented Masquerade costume is a nod to one worn by French king Louis XIV. He got his nick name "Le Roi Soleil" - "The Sun King" - because he had taken the part of the sun in a ballet performed in the Louvre in 1653. His costume showed a big sun on his chest, and a sort of skirt echoing the tabbed skirts used by Roman soldiers. This has been copied into Piangi's outfit. A costume worthy the main tenor of the world's leading opera house....

The costume consists of a glittering tunica with shoulder epaulettes in gold and often strings of beads. A big golden sun is placed on the chest - or rather on the belly - and the rays is continued into the skirt. The skirt has hanging tabs all around, in the same colours as the tunica, and with gold deco. Stockings and high boots with a tabbed top is used, as well as a tall hat with "rays". Attached to the epaulettes is a cloak of a light, glittering material. The main colour choices seems to be purple or dark green, and lots of gold. Note that there are two different versions of this costume design; one with a purple teint with the sun in front, and a paler version without the sun. The original West End costume didn't feature the sun, so it might be that the version with the sun was introduced when Phantom opened on Broadway some 1,5 year later. Both sketches are included underneath. The one with the sun is labeled (NEW) in the design.

Costume design specifies: "Ubaldo Piangi in fancy dress. Machine knitted wool tights.".