Ever wondered why this costume is always worn by a slender, young woman? Well, the main reason might be that Christine understudies plays the "Triangle Girl" in "Masquerade"...

This costume belongs to a group referred to as "Little band", because the varying characters plays an instrument and dance together. The monkey girl plays the cymbals, the toy soldier plays the drum, the jester plays.... something, and the triange girl? Yup, the triangle. But in the original costume design she was actually holding a tambourine.

The costume consists of a tight-fitting corseted bodice with vertical stripes, and poofy, draped "shorts". The bow decorated seams of the bodice corresponds with the panels of the shorts. The varying panels of the shorts are in different colours, and the colours are repeated in the headwear. The V shaped neckline is decorated with fringes, beads, appliqués, bows etc. Two-toned X-shaped tights and high-heeled boots also belongs to this outfit, as well as a curly red wig and the large headdress. And of course the triangle!