Tweedledum is one of the two identical twins from "Alice in Wonderland". The twins are called Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and can only be told apart because one has "dum" embroidered at the shirt collar, while the other has "dee". Their history is older than "Alice in Wonderland"; they're known from an old nursery rhyme from the 18th century. But it's from Alice most people know them today.

In an illustration by Dalziel in 1871 (last picture underneath) the twins are depicted as small, round boys with large bellies and large head, and in coloured sketches they're traditionally wearing blue, yellow, red white. This is something Maria Bjørnson picked up for the Tweedledum character in Masquerade, except she didn't add any red. Phantom's Tweedledum seen in a white suit with padded belly, with a short blue jacket on top. The jacket has yellow collar, rosettas and cuffs, and with a large bow tie and ruffle in the neck. He usually wears yellow socks and black shoes, and on his head is a red with and a black half mask.