"Wandering child, so lost, so helpless....."

This is the outfit the Phantom wears when he's appearing at the Perros graveyard, where Christine is mourning her dead father. He wears his usual tailcoat and sequenced wide cloak. But in addition he also has a feathered brim hat and the fire-shooting death-skull stick. The stick also appears in the costume sketch for Red Death, inspired by Lon Chaney. The graveyard design notes that the fire-shooting stick needs to be charged every night, and hence that it's battery operated.

The original drawing is today in the care of the V&A museum in London, read more here:

The Phantom also wears a similar outfit when he's on the golden angel. The tailcoat is the same, but the heavy cloak is replaced by a lighter and more glittering one. It's hard to tell the difference for the audience, but it ease the movements for the actor, which both walks on top of the false proscenium and takes a flight on the angel and hence needs as light a costume as possible. It varies what kind of hat is used - most use the fedora, but some features the feathery Graveyard hat.