Far too many notes for my taste...

Richard Firmin and Gilles André, the managers of the Parisian opera house. They were similar, but not identical outfits. André is usually seen in a black velvet tailcoat, worn over a silver brocade waistcoat and plain black trousers. He also wears a white shirt with a stiff front with frills, as well as a white bowtie, a watch chain and black shoes. In the costume design he is depicted with wavy, reddish hair and glasses (monocles, even?). Firmin also wears a tailcoat, but he often wears matching trousers and jacket. His waistcoat is of a more golden brocade, and often of a bolder pattern too. He also wears the white stiff-fronted shirt and white bowtie, as well as watch chain and black shoes. Sometimes his jacket has velvet lapels. In the costume design he is shown with hair combed forward in small points, which especially European productions have had fun with recreating.