"Wishing you were somehow here again, wishing you were somehow near..."

This costume is the same as the 2nd Managers, but with a navy cloak and red scarf added. This is where the costume earned its nickname "Wishing gown", due to the solo Christine performs in the Mausoleum scene. The cloak is usually made of a dark navy or cobalt blue silk of medium thickness. The cloak has a lot of width, and a full hood. The hood has a hairpin attached on the inside, so Christines can pin it down in the wig and have it stay put all through the scene. The red scarf is held loose in the costume design - Christine holds it in her hands. But in the stage costumes it's often sewn to the shoulders, or attached through small loops, so Christine don't have to carry it and it won't slip off. The scarves can be made of everything from plain red silk to highly patterned ones, and there's a rich red fringe at each end. The length of the scarf also varies.

What was Maria Bjørnson's inspiration for the costume? For the cloak in the Mausoleum scene it seems Bjørnson was inspired by one of the publicity shots from the 1981 movie The French Lieutenant's Woman. Meryl Streep poses in a dark cloak, with her curly wig covered by a hood, in that picture. The pose is very similar to Bjørnson's design from some 5 years later.

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