"Those who tan... tan... tangle with Don Juan!"

I have only seen a small version of the costume design, as displayed above. So it's hard to work out the details. But I was thrilled to see a similar outfit on the covers of several Gaston Leroux books, in particular "Le parfum de la dame en noir" and "Le mystère de la chambre jaune".

Piangi wears this costume in second act, in the scenes "Notes II/Twisted every way" and "Don Juan Rehearsal". It consists of a chequered suit with a brocaded waistcoat. The jacket is bound in a rust or red colour. Underneath he wears a white shirt and a bow tie. He also weas a fedora or a more rounded hat (the design suggests a bowler hat). The colour scheme is muted; in brown, rust and black nuances. The size of the fabric pattern varies a lot; the biggest ones have been spotted in Japan, a medium size was worn in Germany, while smaller houndstooth pattern has been used in most productions.

The design indicates that the suit is also to be worn with the addition of a black wool coat with fur collar. For this costume Piangi also wears a black top hat and black gloves. He can be seen wearing this outfit in the first act, during "Notes/Prima Donna", but instead of the chequered houndstooth suit he wears a plainer black suit underneath. Originally he wore the chequered suit in "Notes/Prima Donna", but sometimes in the late 90s it was changed to the black suit with the coat over. The waistcoat seems the same, though.

To get the rounded belly seen in the design, most Piangis wears a padded "fat suit" underneath the costume. That also goes for his other costumes.